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There's a lot that goes into keeping trees healthy and looking their best, but it doesn't have to be complicated! Let the experts handle the difficult stuff and the heavy lifting while you use our best tree care tips to make your trees and landscape the envy of the neighborhood.

Confined Space Tree Removals: A Challenging Task Requiring Expertise

A confined space tree removal can be tricky and dangerous. Learn more about these challenging removals and how a professional tree service gets the job done.
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Three members of the Lefke team pose for a photo with the member in the center sitting in a bucket truck.

Who’s Responsible for Trees Between Sidewalks and Streets?

Avoid citations and fines! Learn about your responsibilities for maintaining trees between sidewalks and streets near your Cincinnati property.
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A Lefke Tree Expert works to clean up the path after pruning trees growing between sidewalks and streets.

Benefits of Trees on your Cincinnati-Area Property

You have a general idea that trees are good, but do you know how many benefits they provide for property owners in Cincinnati? From health benefits to property value increases, trees may be doing more than you realize! Learn a few of the benefits of trees in Cincinnati in this article and gain a new appreciation for your trees.
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A variety of trees grow on a residential street in Ohio.

Exposed Tree Roots? Why It Happens and What to Do

Tree roots perform essential functions for keeping trees healthy, but what causes exposed tree roots? More importantly, what can you do about them?
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The base of a tree shows roots growing above ground surrounded by white and yellow flowers in the green grass.

Leaning Trees: Why They Lean & What to Do

Leaning trees are often a hazard and a liability. While some leaning trees can be saved, others must be removed before they cause significant damage to structures, property, and utilities or injure someone when they fall. Find out what you should do about a leaning tree.
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Sillouette of a crabapple tree leaning in a field in front of an orange sunset

The Problem with Bradford Pear Trees

While Bradford pear trees are beautiful, a recent Ohio ban make them a bad choice for new planting and should make you consider removing them completely.
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A Bradford or Callery pear tree in bloom in Ohio.

Hiring a Tree Service Company: What You Need to Know

Do you know the #1 thing that affects the quality of tree work you receive? These FAQs show you what to look for & why hiring a Certified Arborist is best.
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3 Signs It’s Time to Remove a Tree

It's not always easy to know you should remove a tree. These three signs will help you decide if the tree is safe and healthy enough to leave alone, or whether it's best to cut it down.
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Tree Topping: 5 Common Myths & The Real Facts

Tree topping is a form of “pruning” that’s still used in the Cincinnati area. But don't be fooled - it won't get you the results you want. Here's why ...
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Topped trees sprouting new, weakly-attached and ugly growth.

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