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Loveland, OH Tree Services

Maintain the Health and Beauty of Your Trees

Your trees need proper care to remain healthy, structurally sound, and beautiful year-round.

At Lefke Tree Experts, based in Loveland, OH, our tree services focus on keeping trees healthy and reducing the risk of damage from dead, dying, or unhealthy trees on your property.

Loveland Tree Services from Certified Arborists

We opened Lefke Tree Experts in early 2015 and have been helping our neighbors in Loveland with their tree care issues ever since. Contact us today for any of these tree care services:

Tree removal

Tree trimming and pruning

Stump grinding

Tree hauling

Lot clearing


Tree Services

Tree Removal

Dead or dying trees can threaten your home, vehicles, fence, and other trees. Dead trees weaken over time, and risk dropping large limbs or falling on structures and other trees around them during storms. When should you remove a tree? There are several times when removing a tree is a better idea than trying to save it, including:

  • The tree is unstable or carrying a disease or pest infestation
  • The tree suffered damage during a storm and fell or is at risk of falling
  • The tree is one of many in a crowded area of trees competing for resources
  • The tree has overgrown the space it’s in and interferes with power lines, roofing, or your view
  • The tree is blocking planned development or could suffer damage during construction nearby

We can quickly and safely remove problem trees from your property with our state-of-the-art equipment. We can even remove large trees with cranes or our grapple saw. We’ll then haul the tree sections away from your property and clean up so you’ll never know we were there.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Trimming your trees properly and at the right time of year is essential to maintaining their health and appearance. Damaged, dead, or broken branches continue to drain resources from an otherwise healthy tree, preventing it from growing healthy branches and leaves. We can inspect limbs on your trees to spot infections early and prune those branches before the problem spreads to the rest of the tree.

At Lefke Tree Experts, we offer four main kinds of tree pruning, including:

  • Crown cleaning or removing dead and dying branches in the canopy for an overall healthier tree.
  • Thinning or selectively removing branches from within the canopy to reduce branch density and allow more sunlight and airflow through the branches.
  • Crown raising or removing low-hanging limbs and branches to create more space under a tree, especially over walkways, driveways, and roofs.
  • Size reduction to reduce the overall height and spread of the tree (this is not the same thing as tree topping!).

Stump Grinding

When we remove a tree, a low stump will remain. We offer stump grinding as an add-on service for our other Loveland, OH tree removal customers. Our arborists recommend grinding the stump because stumps can pose a hazard to your home, your family, and the remaining trees.

Stumps pose a trip hazard in your yard and could damage lawn equipment if you run into them with a lawnmower or weedwhacker. Stumps also attract tree diseases and pests, threatening the health of other trees on your property. To eliminate these problems, we grind the stump down to below the soil surface.

In the Community

Lefke Tree Experts Work with Local Homeowners for Tree Health

While we work mainly in tree pruning and trimming, as well as dangerous, unhealthy, and large tree removal, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners keep their trees healthy and beautiful. We have certified arborists on staff who can inspect your trees and determine if there are preventive measures you can take to keep your trees healthy and reduce the likelihood of needing tree removal in the future.

New to the Loveland Area?

Let Us Help You Inspect Your New Home’s Trees for Weaknesses

If you’ve just bought your new home in Loveland, we first want to welcome you to your new home as your neighbors. Once you’re settled in, have us come out and look at your property’s trees. We can identify structural weaknesses, determine if any trees show signs of active diseases or pests, and make recommendations to help you care for the trees around your new home.

Looking for an ISA-Certified Arborist?

Choose Lefke Tree Experts!

At Lefke Tree Experts, we have all the necessary certifications, licenses, and insurance to perform tree work in Ohio, including:

  •  ISA-certified arborists on staff
  •  Licensing and insurance specific to performing tree work (separate from landscaping)
  •  Locally owned and operated
  •  All the right equipment for any size job
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There's Lots to Love About Loveland

Why We Love Loveland

Loveland Offers a Great Place to Raise a Family

Loveland is one of the best places to live in Ohio, according to However, you don’t have to tell that to a resident, because we already know. Our staff at Lefke Tree Experts love living in Loveland for many reasons, including:

Did You Know?

Loveland has been a Tree City USA for four years running!

Tree City USA is a national program that recognizes community efforts to green up their public areas, including parks, downtown main streets, and other public places. Since 1976, thousands of cities across the country have upheld the four pillars of urban forestry management, including:

Having a tree board or department

Spending $2 or more per capita on urban forestry

Having a community tree ordinance

Celebrating Arbor Day

Loveland has been a Tree City USA for four years, and Ohio had a 99.18% recertification rate for all cities in the state in 2021.

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